INCITE Awards Logo


The INCITE Awards are Western Australia’s premier awards event in the ICT industry.

The awards, aiming to showcase ICT brilliance, are powered by the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance (WAITTA).

WAITTA is a non-partisan, non-aligned alliance of ICT and digital industry and professional stakeholder organisations and thought leaders – the people who provide the digital knowledge, technology and services to the WA community.

The WAITTA Vision

We seek to inspire and showcase ICT innovation in Western Australia.

WAITTA is where industry, professions and educators can work together for the betterment of the WA community.

WAITTA Mission

WAITTA’s mission is to promote the WA ICT Industry and profession by recognising and promoting excellence and
awards in a sustainable way.

We do this by: 

  • Informing WA about the innovative and excellence in activities within the WA ICT industry,
  • Inspiring the WA ICT industry to achieve excellence in their endeavours; and
  • Influencing everyone to improve the quality of life in every community through the delivery of services through the use of ICT. 

WAITTA Core Values

We wish WAITTA Inc to be known for the following behaviours: 

  • Honesty and integrity with all our dealings
  • Commitment to the Industry we serve
  • Respect for each other, each other’s time and commitment, and for all our members

What does WAITTA do?

WAITTA currently runs the following activities: